Next to monthly lectures, letterspace is a co-working space of three independent type-designers with substantial experience in drawing, producing and engineering typefaces.

Sabina Chipară

FOCUS: Type-Design, Lettering, Graphic-Design

After working in-house for big agencies like McCann Erickson, award winning Spanish design studio SeriesNemo and world’s largest font library Monotype, she embarked on an independent journey. Sabina helps brands find their unique voice.

While in London, with Monotype, Sabina designed Rosella, a contem­porary decorative typeface, DIN Next Stencil & DIN Next Shapes.

Among the typefaces designed previously, in Barcelona, with SeriesNemoAura – was awarded with Gold at Anuaria Spanish design Awards 2016.

After moving to Amsterdam she worked with Diana Ovezea on various typeface designs: Akin, Anouk, Bega and Britney.

Recently her collaboration with London based studio Stupendous lead to bespoke typeface design Aesop for Iwoca.


FOCUS: Type-Design, Editorial-Design, Graphic-Design

Jolana Sýkorová is an Amsterdam-based designer, specialized in type design. Jolana studied Graphic Design at UMPRUM Prague and at the Gerrit Reitveld Academy Amsterdam.

Edgar Walthert

FOCUS: Type-Engineering, Graphic-Design, Web-Design

During his studies in Luzern (CH), Edgar developed a strong interest in letterforms. After working as designer in Hamburg, he specialised in type-design during TypeMedia, The Hague and at LucasFont, Berlin.

Working part-time for Bold Monday, the IBM Plex project got Edgar deeper into font engineering including TrueType hinting. He also engineers fonts for Elmer Stefan’s PYTE foundry and the Swiss outlet Nouvell Noire.

Next to the release of Logical, he also made a bespoke typeface for DE TONEELMAKERIJ and custom Display and Text typefaces for Swiss Theater production Bühne Burgäschi.

After examining possibilities of liveliness in digital type-design with the typeface Agile at TypeMedia, Edgar worked at LucasFont Berlin, helping with the extension of the Taz type-family.