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letterspace is new platform situated in Amsterdam Oost, and as of 2018 is hosting a monthly series of lectures about experi­mentation, innovation and research in type.
As hosts, we are interested in expanding more traditional definitions of type (design) established within education programmes and institutions. We are excited to welcome a lively and diverse group of artists, designers and researchers to explore type happening in Amsterdam.

The lectures are open to the public and free. Experts, non-experts, type enthusiasts, writers, design students might be especially interested in joining.



14. Feb 2018

18:30 — 20:30 at letterspace.amsterdam

Daniël Maarleveld


Please join us on this special date to share our appreciation of type and typography. On this occasion we would love to present you the work of Daniël Maarleveld. He will present his typographic experiments and generative design work, looking into how the limitations of technology enable him to develop a new-found freedom in his process.

Daniël Maarleveld is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam. In 2007, he graduated from Graphic Design departmen at the Rietveld Academie with his PenJet project. This was a collaboration with fellow classmates, which showed the movement of the print head using an attached pen. With practice he began to work more directly with the limitations of movement in order to experiment with type, and through this, an adapted typeface for the PenJet emerged. This working method, using the possibilities and limitations of a new or existing tool or technique, is a source of inspiration for Daniel’s approach to design. In addition, he seeks out unexplored mathematical, natural and mechanical principles, as well as ways to use them in his design. This results in work that balances between machine and handmade.


10. Jan 2018

18:30 — 20:30 at letterspace.amsterdam



We are proud to announce our inaugural letterspace lecture to take place right at the beginning of 2018. Milda Kuraitytė will present her PhD research into kinetic typography, with an analysis of moving letters and their positive impact on memory and caution. We encourage everyone involved in the design of screen typography, whether online, offline or mobile, to join in this evening.

Milda Kuraitytė is a Communication Design PhD student at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon, and a member of Cost’s project E-Read, which unites researchers on digital reading. Milda Kuraitytė works between the fields of Typography and Psycholinguistics, running experiments that use stimuli of Kinetic Typography and an eye tracking system.
Kinetic Typography is typography on screen that includes movement. The achievements of the twentieth century technology witnessed the appearance of a number of increasingly complex categories of Kinetic Typography with a direct impact on its readability. The present research consists of a series of experiments on the legibility and readability of Kinetic Typography, using an eye tracking system to verify the hypothesis that Fluid Typography can be used in the education process.


13. Dec 2017

18:30 — 21:00 at letterspace.amsterdam



letterspace.amsterdam opens its doors for the first time. Before we kick off our series of mostly type-based events in 2018, we would like to introduce the space, ourselves and our work. Please join us to learn more and to toast our new project.

Sabina Chipară

Romanian Archaic Alphabets

An overview of the Romanian Archaic Alphabets used in the 19th century, a period of transition from Cyrillic letterfoms to Latin. In this context a hybrid character design emerged. Can these peculiar shapes become an inspiration for future display typefaces?

Johannes Verwoerd

Poëzie Museum

Let’s have a look behind the surface of the Poëzie Museum on the Museumplein

Edith Winkler

W. architecture ’n design

'My work is like telling stories, the medium is physical space'.
Edith Winkler propagates a haptic, sensory, narrative, playful as well as participatory approach towards architectural space & interior design. A designprocess with W-and is an interactive process, W-and doesn’t work for but with clients. W-and translates personal and unique stories to spaces that matter, make sense and fit.

Diana Ovezea

3 years, 6 families, and 321 banners later.

When the Indian Type Foundry approached Diana to design a font superfamily in 2014, she couldn’t refuse. In her talk, Diana will show how this project marked the beginning of a longer cooperation and pushed her to expand her own studio, connect with new collaborators and redefine her practice.

Edgar Walthert

Invisible Work

After more than 10 years working in the field of type production, Edgar likes to shine a light on some of the hidden secrets of type-engineering. We will have a look at IBM Plex, the recently developed typeface in the team of Bold Monday.

The event will be accompanied with Glühwein and other appropriate treats.


If you are interested in giving a talk or like to recommend to get in touch with someone, please send us an email.
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